About Our Camp

Ajax Adventure Camp Goals

  1. Ensure the safety of all campers
  2. Facilitate the most fun and adventurous summer of campers’ lives
  3. Teach campers new skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime
  4. Promote interaction between positive roles models and a diverse group of campers
  5. Inspire awesomeness

Ajax Adventure Camp strives to inspire awesomeness in all of our campers.  From locals to international visitors, we get campers outside, exploring, exercising, learning new skills, and having a great time with top-caliber role models and peers.  Ajax is about choice. We never want to force any camper to participate in any of our 100’s of activities, rather we offer 18-20 different activities each day and let each camper choose which ones he/she wants to participate in.  Every day throughout the summer will be different! Camp is about learning self-discovery in an environment free from expectations, pressures, or outside influence. We feel summer camp communities provide a venue that can make the world a better place by, without purposefully trying, promoting tolerance, acceptance, and above all the ability to help campers learn about their passions.  Further, we want to create and instill a love of adventure and the outdoors that can last beyond the scope of the summer. To learn more about what a typical day at Ajax Adventure Camp looks like and what makes us unique click below:


We spend all year vetting the most responsible, fun, and adventurous staff members to get the opportunity to lead activities at Ajax Adventure Camp.  Our staff members are interviewed, vetted, background checked, and vetted again to ensure they are both responsible and fun. Once on board they will obtain all required certifications, complete Ajax’s pre-camp training, and successfully finish Ajax’s 7-10 day safety and activity training before the start of each camp season.  Camp is fun not only because of our activities choices, but because of those who lead them – thus we take staff hiring extremely seriously. Furthermore, every camper is different, attracted to different activities and personalities, so we feel it is important to maintain a well-rounded and diverse team to lead your camper’s summer adventures.


We welcome any and all campers ages 6* to 15! Our priority for each camper, whether they come for a day or the whole summer, is to show them an unforgettable experience. We know each camper’s idea of an amazing day varies, so we always provide campers with the freedom to choose their own adventures. In addition to having amazing adventures, campers will get to participate in long standing camp traditions, such as earning as many badges as they can, which they can put on their very own camp hoodie (each camper is gifted one on their first day).

*mature 6 year olds are considered for attending camp, but if we determine the 6 year year old is not mature enough to safely attend camp, we maintain the right to ask you return next year instead.  


We are a day camp in Aspen, Colorado. We accept campers ages 6* to 15. We operate Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:45 pm. We offer 100s of different activities and full day trips. Click below for this summer’s dates and rates!