A Typical Day at Camp

Watch The Ajax Typical Day Video

All Campers at Ajax Adventure Camp have the freedom to choose their own adventure. They are not forced to participate in any activity if they do not want to, as they will have many options to choose from each activity period. Rock climbing, BMX biking, fishing, rafting, archery, camping, polar bearing, cheffing, floating, backpacking, paddleboarding, marmot tagging, canoeing, crafting are merely a sampling of what we do at Ajax Adventure Camp. If you have an idea for an activity, convince a counselor and some campers to go do whatever it is you imagined. Over the past few years more than a hundred new activities were invented such as: marmot tag, paintchery, grasshopper olympics, cookie climbs, gold panning, american gladiators, non-dodge dodgeball, human bocce, and many many others.

The Ajax Adventure Camp base is located at the Aspen Middle School. The meeting facility is a stones throw away from towering 14,000 ft. peaks, pristine alpine lakes and streams, marmot tag and mountain biking trails, rock climbing for all abilities, whitewater rafting and other outdoor recreation possibilities where the only neighbors are beavers, fish, owls, marmots, and pika.

Each morning, Ajax Adventure Campers will meet at the Aspen Middle School. Those who show up early will be entertained by counselors’ games. It is the staff’s goal to make sure the campers are always entertained so there are no awkward down times. Play some foosball, shuffleboard, challenge a counselor to Hunker Houser, do some stretching in preparation for the days activities, challenge another camper to air hockey, see if you can win a race wearing horse goggles, or better yet, create a game and teach it to everyone. Upon kicking off the start of the day at 9:00 AM, counselors will creatively announce each activity they are proposing for that morning. Such activities will range from typical outdoor adventure activities to unique and crazy Ajax Adventure Camp activities.

Each Ajax Adventure Camper is free to choose an activity from the activities that each counselor offers that morning. To keep beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers participating in various activities with others of similar abilities, counselors will offer their activities for a specific skill level and rotate levels throughout the day and week as interest dictates. It is our hope that, for example, after a couple mountain bike rides as an intermediate with the mountain biking counselor, the camper will have progressed to advanced riding. If campers are drawn to a particular activity, their accomplishments can gain them entry into specific Ajax Adventure Camp Clubs, where they also earn their unique club hoodie and patches.

Lunch is provided by Ajax Adventure Camp. After lunch campers are free to choose a new activity from the variety offered by the counselors. All campers meet back at base camp at the Aspen Middle School at the end of the day.

At 5:00 PM, it is time for the Ajax Adventure campers to go home so they can rest for the next day of exciting activities.