8k Ranch Activities

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8k Ranch activities

Travel to 8k Ranch to experience one of the many activities listed below.

Slip n' slide

Slide one at a time down our 60 foot inflatable Slip N Slide into our small, glacial fed pond. Climb out, let out a holler, shake to dry off, and head back up to the launching pad of the Slip N Slide for another run!


Soar through the sky on a half mile of ziplines, soaring over two valleys and through an Aspen forest.

Orienteering Course

Test your map and compass skills and be the first team to complete an orienteering course that will lead you up the hillsides, across the ridges, and down the game trails that make up the 40 Acres of Ajax’s 8K Ranch.

Low Ropes Course

Teamwork is key to accomplish carefully designed low ropes activities. A mix of laughs, frustration, and high-fives are prevalent while working through these mental and physical puzzles with your peers.

Senior Camp Explorer’s Club

Learn about, and prove your knowledge of the local flora and fauna that thrive in our rugged mountain terrain of Ajax Adventure Camp’s own 8K Ranch

Paddleboarding Games

Knock your buddy off their paddleboard and stand on yours with your hands in the air claiming victory! Or take a leap of faith off your paddleboard onto the other side of the pond to be the final teammate to shuttle across the pond in a paddleboard relay race. Or make up your own fun game to play on paddleboards during the sweltering heat of the summer.