Cowboy Paintball


Come have some fun with us while we play one of our favorite games, Cowboy Paintball! Campers get the chance to have an amazing outdoor adventure. Our paintball is run through Colorado Cowboy Paintball, LLC located on 8K Ranch. Campers will get to play games like capture the flag, elimination, counselor chase, etc.  . Paintball is offered as an optional full-day activity for the Ajax Adventure Camp day-camp.

Please note: Campers must be 8 or older and wear long sleeve shirts and pants to participate in this activity. Parents must fill out a separate waiver for campers to attend paintball. Due to the fact that this activity is located on 8K Ranch (1-1.5 hr drive) this full-day activity is offered once per week. We ask that you please reserve a space online for Paintball if you would like to participate.

Paintballs hurt and bruising is likely if you get hit!

``Will sleep like a baby``