Ajax Sleepaway

3-Day Mini Sleepaway Sessions & 7-Day Adventure Sleepaway Sessions

Ajax Sleepaway Camp

Welcome to Ajax Sleepaway located at 8K Ranch! Nestled in the rocky mountains, surrounded by streams, lakes and mountain peaks, Ajax Sleepaway's ``Glamping`` village is home to our very adventurous sleepaway campers.

Here on the ranch, kids will be given the choice of activities ranging from zip-lining, hillside aqua-zorbing, paddleboarding, archery, fishing, and cowboy paintball to rockets, crafts, survival skills, camping, and barnyard activities. We have lots of other activities for campers to choose from throughout the summer. Campers will also help raise the ranch baby pigs, chicks, lambs, ducklings, and other farmyard animals.

This will be a true adventure sleepaway camp where campers, can build new structures and camp traditions while shaping the future of Ajax Sleepaway. For campers that like a rustic sleepaway environment with tons of activities, an ever-flowing fun atmosphere, and a true sleepaway experience in the high rockies, this is the place. If campers prefer a sleepaway camp with manicured lawns, maid service, and daily massages, we recommend somewhere in New York.

We offer 9 different sessions alternating with 3-Day Mini Sleepaway Sessions and 7-Day Weeklong Adventures. Dropoff and pickup is at the Aspen Middle school and we will transport campers to the ranch (1+ hr into the mountains from Aspen).

Please click the link below to be directed to our Ajax Sleepaway website to learn more.

Ajax Sleepaway Philosophy

Sleepaway camp is about fun. Sleepaway camp is about making friends. Sleepaway camp is about living in and being part of one of the most amazing communities. Sleepaway camp enriches so many kids lives by creating that magical camp community where kids can truly let loose, be themselves, and have as much fun as possible. At the same time, campers learn valuable skills (practical, physical, and social), that will last a lifetime. The staff and directors at Ajax Adventure Camp love camp because of the experiences they had growing up at sleepaway camp. Over the past decade they have worked to create a day camp (Ajax Adventure Camp) that attempts to mimic the type of activities and community of a sleepaway camp. As of 2017, the genuine sleepaway camp option has arrived. It is with great pride and excitement that Ajax Adventure Camp has created Ajax Sleepaway located at 8K Ranch!

We are building out the sleepaway camp with the vision of a Peter Pan village. Lights twinkling throughout the forest at night. Songs to sing, s'mores to roast - a taste of never never land but with less work and more play!

We want to encourage all the campers to help build the sleepaway camp of their dreams. If they want to learn to build a rope bridge, or work on painting or carpentry at their ``glamping`` village, we will help. Want to try your luck at building a water culvert through your village or a hydro-powered engine? Let's try it! Learning through experimentation and exploration is what we are all about!